We decided we should each write about ourselves... it's harder than you think!

brian and derica idocks

One of our Engagement Photos!

brian and derica idocks

One of our Wedding Photos!


About Brian, in his own words:

Okay, so we decided to write our own "about us" pages. Bear with me, it's not easy. Hmm, I'm definitely the "mouth" of the two of us. Generally, I'm the one talking. I make bad jokes, corny puns, and things like that to get a reaction. Some say I should come with a warning label, but, I'm sure they meant that in a good way... I hope. I've been a Wedding Photographer so long, that I am unhirable (that's a word, I just made it up) for anything else. Personally, I'm in it for the romance, cheesey, I know. Well, that's me. Nothing gets me more excited than creating some dramatic, loving, tender, intimate moment for a couple that makes them make the sound. You know the sound, "Awww!". Love that. Some of my favorite things to do at weddings:

Yes, I helped lace her corset Dress!

I escort Grandma's for photos. Yes, I put out an arm and bring them up and back. After all, this whole thing is their fault. I also tell that joke at EVERY wedding, much to Derica's dismay. I hug my clients and sometimes their parents, siblings, anyone we built a connection with. Why? Who doesn't like a hug? We used to count our "success" at a wedding by how many goodbye hugs we got. No kidding. In a surprising revelation of my skillset, I am very good at lacing corsets. I'm also a stickler for veil placement and straightness. Call it OCD, but I also straighten pictures on the walls of any room I walk into. Yes, I am a human bubble level, now you know my secret. At every wedding, I try to do something unique, something creative that pushes my own artistic boundaries. I don't tell anyone this, just in case I mess it all up, but, when it works, and I giggle? Yeah, you know it worked. It's always a good sign when your photographer giggles after looking at a photo.



About Derica, in her own words:


I love waterfalls!

I'm in love with love and that is what makes me enjoy being a wedding photographer so much. It doesn't matter to me what form that love is either. I find joy in witnessing love of any age, religion, race or creed. It is the honesty of emotion that draws me in and nothing can define or restrain that.

I am a details freak. Shoes, flowers, letters, stationary, jewelry, candles, decor elements, the cake, ALL of the good stuff that I know our clients spent endless hours selecting get captured by my lens.

I am also the quiet one. This allows me to sneak in unobserved so that I can get those touching genuine moments. When grandpa dances with his granddaughter, when the father of the bride sheds a tear as he sees his daughter in her bridal gown for the first time, when guests burst into laughter at a funny comment during a toast, I am there with camera in hand.

I am also a helper. This means that if I am able I will go out of my way for you. I help brides with their dresses as they walk outside for portraits. I run upstairs to get that one thing that was accidentally left behind. I find other vendors if a client has a quick question that I can't answer.  I've been known to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Wheels on the Bus" or play "Peek-a-boo" behind Brian to get the little ones attention during portrait sessions!

Anything I can do, that doesn't interfere with me capturing those important moments, I try my best to do. Anything I can do to make a wedding day run smoother, make our clients and their family and guests happy or even to aid a fellow vendor in need, I try my best to do.

Weddings often take a village to pull off successfully and I aim to quietly help the love get captured for you to enjoy in your happily ever after.