Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Hi, my name is Brian, and I am a Wedding Photographer.


Wedding Photographers aren't like most types of photographers, we're often snubbed by the art community, condescended to by portrait photographers, and generally treated as amateurs by commercial photographers.


In many instances..... I agree.


For years, if you couldn't be a fine art, portrait, or commercial photographer, you shot weddings.  So, the wedding industry got the bottom of the barrel photographers.  In some cases, this hasn't changed.


In Tampa Bay, there are hundreds of Wedding Photographers.  Most of them shouldn't be.  Sorry, but it's true.  Some might think I shouldn't be.  Free country, and everyone is entitled. 


The reason I say most shouldn't be is simple.  WHY are they wedding photographers?

-Do they truly love photographing weddings?

-Do they see the art that exists in this style of photography?

-Do they try to create that once-in-a-lifetime moment every time they pick up their camera?


Most don't.  For many, its these reasons:

-Easy money (though, I still don't really understand how it's easy money)

-Their own photographer messed up their wedding, so they have to teach the world how to do it

-Somehow, some way, they got this amazing camera for a gift or bought it themselves and overnight became the Ansel Adams of Wedding Photography though they have no background or training or experience

-Their family told them they take great pictures, so they started charging brides who won't know the difference until its too late.

-They just thought it might be fun to do on the side

-They thought, "Hey, I can underprice myself and just do a few weddings here and there, since I have a day job."


All wonderful reasons to be a Wedding Photographer, don't you think?  For the record, these are all things I have either heard in person, or gleaned from blogs and websites.


Why am I a Wedding Photographer?  Glad you asked......


MANY reasons:


The Practical:

It's all I know how to do.  I have spent a great portion of my life becoming good at it.  I have taught others how to do it.  I feel that I offer something most others don't.


The Emotional:

I love weddings.  I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  I want to give each couple that one moment they will never forget, while creating countless others that they can re-live through photographs.


The Artistic:

Weddings are such a traditional event, passed down for hundreds of generations.  The ability to create something artistic from such an event is really a celebration of our histories on this planet.


So, even though many people will see this post as somplaining, its really not.  Just as in any field of study, there are those who do it for money, those that do it for fame, and those that do it for love.

If you are a bride, contemplating your photographer, which would you rather have?