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Creating Romantic, Fun, Intimate Memories for over 35 years.  Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Photography.

We are Brian and Derica Idocks, aka #TeamIdocks.

We're Wedding Photographers!

We specialize in Intimate Weddings and Elopements, creating memories for our clients to share with family and friends.  Our typical client is expecting under a hundred guests, is probably in a non-standard venue, might be making some of the decor themselves, and is interested in having amazing photography without adding stress to their day.  That's a mouthful.  In short, they want to have fun and receive great memories of their Wedding Day.

"We are artists.   We’re eccentric, romantic, sometimes odd, often funny (well, we think so), maybe a bit nerdy… but, we always produce amazing results."

We work as a team to capture the story of your day.  This strategy lets us have creative freedom while still creating photographs of all that happens during the hustle and bustle of a busy Wedding Day.  Everything from the tiniest details of your jewelry and cake to the portraits of family to the partying of you and your friends... all captured beautifully to tell your personal Wedding Story.

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"We loved working with Brian and Derica for our recent wedding celebration! Their photos were wonderful, their customer service was exemplary, and they both made us feel so happy and comfortable during this whole process that we honestly just loved hanging out with them. I knew we were in great hands with them, and I am excited to sing their praises to anyone who may be looking for a photographer in the future."  -Lisa and Matt

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"I really can't rave enough about this company, Brian and Derica are awesome! They take incredible photos and work seamlessly together. Brian makes you feel completely comfortable and taking pictures was fun! I had a sticky situation occur on my wedding day, Brian made me laugh and forget about it. The florist didn't put the flowers on the groomsmen, Derica didn't hesitate to help even though that's not her job. Our wedding guests loved the team, I heard lots of compliments. They both go above and beyond for your special day. If you want to have fun with your photographers (because they are really funny) and know that your pictures are going to be AMAZING, hire them!" --Ginger and Sean

How Much?

That nagging question!  Let's just get it out of the way.

Our Wedding Photography Services start at $900.  Elopements start at $600.

Our typical Couples spend about $2200, and that includes an Album and Engagement Session!

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