Wedding Photographer

We are the most experienced Wedding Photographer Team in Tampa Bay with over 40 years between Brian and Derica.   As Professional Photographers, we specialize in Wedding Photography, Elopement Photography, and Engagement Session Photography.  Essentially, we're Romantic People Photographers, yeah, I like the sound of that.

These days, it seems like everyone is a wedding photographer.  So many claim to be the "Best Wedding Photographers in Tampa" (I wrote about that here), or even the world.  What makes us different?  It's not just about taking great photographs, it's what we can do for you.

  • We give you peace of mind on your wedding day that you are being photographed by photographers with a solid reputation and work history.
  • Let you enjoy your day and not worry about all the little things, this ain't our first Rodeo, we know what to do.
  • Create tons of romantic, artistic, whimsical and fun images of you and your guests without you having to know how to pose (We take care of that part, that's what being a Professional Photographer is about).
  • With us as your Wedding Photographers, you get to actually enjoy your wedding, not feel like you have to micromanage your photographer.
  • Oh, and you'll probably save a little money, as we've got our systems down to a science and instead of vying for the highest price tag, we'd rather work with more people that will appreciate what we do.  After all, if you're not having fun at what you're doing, you should be doing something else.

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We are a husband and wife dynamic duo of many hat wearing photographers, and as such we do it all.  Create photographs, design albums, retouch our own images, design our own website, and even occasionally sweep our own floors.  Why?  Good question.  At Brian C Idocks Photographics, we live by the adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself.".  This way we know your photographs will be the best we can produce, no excuses.  We take pride in every aspect of your image production from capture, to process, correction, editing, and album design.  There's a certain confidence that comes from knowing you personally created your own product for your client, we like that.

We’re not just the hired photographer, we become a friend, telling your story through our eyes.  Learn more about us here.


As a Wedding Photographer in the Tampa area, we have a lot of competition. Did you know there are over 2,000 people claiming to be wedding photographers? I kid you not.  We decided long ago to not be just another Wedding Photographer, instead, we strive to separate ourselves from the pack.

How are we different?   I could tell you about decades of experience, thousands of weddings photographed, hundreds of awards, titles given by professional organizations, but in the end, we are different because no matter how much other photographers try to copy us, no one can BE us, and that makes us unique.

We make every effort to elevate your Wedding Photography to the level of Fine Art.  Wedding Photography is Storytelling, at it's best.  However, Fine Art is timeless, and can be revered and admired for generations to come.  Isn't that what Wedding Photography is for?  To capture your story, and have it relived by your children, their children, and their children's children.

We are artists.   We’re eccentric, romantic, sometimes odd, often funny (well, we think so), maybe a bit nerdy… but, we always produce amazing results.


We extend our personal invitation to take a look around, shoot us a message, and consider us as your Wedding Photographers.