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We know there are thousands of Wedding Photographers in Tampa and St Petersburg.  Thank you for taking a look at us!

How are we different?  What do you need to know about us?

We're different because we're not here to tell you how great we are.  Look at our work, if you like it, you're halfway there.  We're different because to us, building a connection with you and your family and guests determines our success as Wedding Photographers.

35 Years of Experience.  Over 3,000 weddings in nearly every state in the country, and some in other countries.  That sets us apart but isn't the whole story.  Wedding Photography is about connection.  You really need to like your Wedding Photographer or... it just doesn't work.

Wedding Photography is about People.  The Photography should be second nature.

Don't be afraid to contact us and ask questions.  We're not pushy.  We want you to make a great choice that you're happy about, not just hire us because we "sold" you.  It's a rather large investment to hire a Wedding Photographer, don't rush it.

Some of our Latest work

Professional Tampa Wedding Photographer

In case you were wondering, yes, we are registered as an LLC with the State of Florida, we collect Sales Tax according to their rules, we have a Business License for our City, and carry liability insurance so your venue won't have to worry.  We also have backup equipment and insurance on all of our gear.  We invested to be a "real" business and are in this for the long haul.

These days, it seems like everyone is a Tampa wedding photographer.  So many claim to be the "Best Wedding Photographer in Tampa" (I wrote about that here), or even the world.  What makes us different?  It's not just about taking great photographs, it's what we can do for you.  Also, I'd never say I'm the Best Tampa Wedding Photographer, that's just silly.

We know that when you're looking for a tampa wedding photographer, you have your work cut out for you.  There are literally thousands of people citing the title of Wedding Photographer here.  It can be difficult  to know what makes one better than another.  The truth is, "better" is relative to your own needs.  Sometimes price is the deciding factor, sometimes artistic excellence or their "eye".  

So... what makes us different from other Wedding Photographers in Tampa Bay?

  • We've been in business in this incarnation in Florida since October 13, 2005, but Brian has been a Wedding Photographer far longer than that (since 1984).
  • We've photographed over 3,000 weddings.
  • We've both been honored by our peers with numerous awards and honors, Brian was named a "Top 200 Photographer in the World".... TWICE!
  • We're highly trained in all technical aspects of wedding photography.  We can create beautiful images in the rain, snow, sleet and hail... in the dark, in a park, on the beach, on a mountain, on a roof, wherever.  If the day seems to fall into chaos and the timeline isn't even recognizable, we will be there, creating images for you.
  • We've both spent time as educators to the Photography Industry, and have spoken for prestigious Professional Groups all over Florida and the East Coast of the US.
  • We are extremely experienced in all aspects of the wedding day.  We can help craft timelines, corset dresses, pin boutonnieres, keep your spirits up, make you laugh, keep things on schedule, offer advice for common situations or even difficult ones, and give recommendations for other great vendors for your wedding.
  • We lend the knowledge and experience of over three decades of wedding experience to you!  When you hire us, you gain the benefit of all that knowledge, time and experience.

We are a husband and wife dynamic duo of many hat wearing  wedding photographers, and as such we do it all.  Create photographs, design albums, retouch our own images, design our own website, and even occasionally sweep our own floors.  Why?  Good question.  At Brian C Idocks Photographics, we live by the adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself.".  This way we know your photographs will be the best we can produce, no excuses.  We take pride in every aspect of your image production from capture, to process, correction, editing, and album design.  There's a certain confidence that comes from knowing you personally created your own product for your client, we like that.

We are also local.  What does that mean?  It means we are here for you, our Tampa Bay Clients!  So many photographers today want to jet set and see the world.  I can appreciate that as I did exactly that 20+ years ago.  I didn't do it intentionally, it just sort of happened.  Clients hired me to go to exotic locations, so I went!  It seems like today, photographers just want you to hire them so they can get a free vacation.  I can't say I like that concept.  We try to stay local, for many reasons!  First, we know the area we shoot in, that's important, but more importantly, we didn't just fly into town the night before your wedding, or worse, the day of your wedding!  What if the flight was late?  Cancelled?  There are so many complications to travelling for weddings that it makes it impractical and unrealistic to me.  So, if you really want us to travel for your wedding, we need days in town before the wedding, which makes it expensive too!  As a result, we stay close to home, keep our prices low, and sleep in our own bed at night.  Not a bad way to go if you ask me.

We’re not just the hired  wedding photographer, we become a friend, telling your story through our eyes. 

Learn more about us here.

As you look around the internet, trying to find the perfect wedding photographer, you will see many things.  You might see photographers showing maps of places they've photographed, saying, "We'd love to fill this map!".  Be wary, they're just trying to get a free vacation.  You might see them showing exotic locations in their photographs to lure you in.  Again, look out, are you getting married at the Taj Mahal?  Some deserted island?  The Mountains of Nepal?  If not... that is just marketing hype.  We are local Tampa Wedding Photographers and take great pride in being so!  We specialize in Tampa Wedding Photography, and show Wedding Photography in and around the Tampa area.  Sounds so simple, right?  If your wedding is in Tampa Bay, hire a local Tampa Wedding Photographer who eats, sleeps and breathes Tampa Bay, instead of someone trying so desperately to leave.  I'm kidding about that last bit... sorta.  Point is... we're Tampa Wedding Photographers, we work here, we know the market, the areas, and we can do a great job for you.

As a Tampa Wedding Photographer / St Pete Wedding Photographer, we have a lot of competition. Did you know there are over 2,000 people claiming to be wedding photographers? I kid you not.  We decided long ago to not be just another Wedding Photographer, instead, we strive to separate ourselves from the pack.

How are we different?   I could tell you about decades of experience, thousands of weddings photographed, hundreds of awards, titles given by professional organizations, but in the end, we are different because no matter how much other photographers try to copy us, no one can BE us, and that makes us unique.

We make every effort to elevate your Wedding Photography to the level of Fine Art.  Wedding Photography is Storytelling, at it's best.  However, Fine Art is timeless, and can be revered and admired for generations to come.  Isn't that what Wedding Photography is for?  To capture your story, and have it relived by your children, their children, and their children's children.

"We are artists.   We’re eccentric, romantic, sometimes odd, often funny (well, we think so), maybe a bit nerdy… but, we always produce amazing results."


We extend our personal invitation to take a look around, give us a call at 813-885-8855, shoot us a message, and consider us as your Tampa Wedding Photographers.